Melati Mainnet is Live!

A Fast and Secure Green Cryptocurrency

Melati Network

We are very excited to announce that the Melati Main Network is up and running and open to the public on July 22, 2021. We are moving towards an “Eco-Friendly Cryptocurrency”.

Starting from the launch date, you can now farm Melati and download it using your OG plot Chia. And Melati now supports transactions between XMX addresses. Departing from that, we hope that in the future more people will farm and transact with Melati.

Our team is currently focusing on Melati’s code development and marketing. Melati has also been recommended by our team to the public Exchange. Hopefully as soon as possible Melati can be traded on the public Exchange widely.

Thank you for your support for Melati Network. Hurry up and start farming!

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