Melati Project Plan

Project Plan Update

A large project should be accompanied by good planning anyway. We also agree with that. Melati should also make careful planning to build a good ecosystem. After going through a meeting of the developers, decided to make a huge plan to develop a Melati project.

Master Plan

A. August

  1. Introducing Melati Network on various social media with the following details:
    • Utilization of Instagram platform to introduce Melati with 1 Month full of content introduction and education with a ratio of 2:1
    • Facebook and twitter platforms are used to introduce Melati and the latest update information about Melati Network in the form of improvements, maintance, changes, and updates with a 4/7 post time ratio.
    • Use telegram and discord platforms to provide the latest information about updates or specific schedules of Melati Network.
    • Utilizing Content Creator Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok small scale to introduce Melati Network. Creator Content Reference : Under Research
  2. While conducting a large-scale introduction of Melati, the team made proposals to find investors.
  3. Procurement of Social Network Ads will be done when necessary.

B. September

  1. Improvement and preparation of proposals carefully to be sent to investors by email (period of checking 1 day at the beginning of the month).
  2. Opening of Melati Network Pre Sale with target – 20,000 XMX. With the coin price following the community, the developer proposes 1XMX/1 USDT.
  3. Changing the concept of social media from introduction and education to marketing and education, post time ratio 5/7.

C. October

  1. The search for large-scale investors through social media is there by adjusting the achievement of last month’s target, with a record deadline this month.
  2. Advertiserize social media and creator content when needed.

D. November

  1. Android Wallet App Creation
  2. Listing, running ads (if needed), and Node Creation /Region.
  3. Rental services market maker.

Backup Plan

  1. If the investor lacks or does not meet the target? Extend the Presale from the original plan of 2 months to 3 months, so that the deadline of November.
  2. Funds are underfunded? Sell or seek investors back by selling 10,000 XMX.

Details of Utilization of Pre Sale Funds Batch I

Of the 20,000 XMX to be sold, it will be utilized for development and improvement with the following plan details :

Activity NameLarge Fund (XMX)
Android Melati App Wallet Creation2000
Server Maintenance3000
Marketing and Media2000
Market Maker5000
Freelance Service2000


  1. If necessary, there is a need to spend funds using local funds or personal funds, so that at other times can be replaced with a record of valid proof of payment and physical proof of transaction.
  2. Minimum investor makes an investment of 1 XMX or 1 USDT.
  3. If it goes smoothly, the plan to use Presale Batch I funds will be implemented starting in November.
  4. The funds owned and planned should not be exhausted, MUST BE EXHAUSTED.
  5. In the preparation of proposals to bring up the advantages and features that Melati has, can talk about the shortcomings of other blockchains.
  6. In the preparation of the proposal is given existing developments, and the possibility of developments that occur in the future Melati.

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